Featured Article in the Arizona Real Country Magazine - Wickenburg Artisans' Fair: A Mecca of Artists 2/01/2018

Very excited this year to see one of my Leather Cell Phone Bag on News Channel 3 Phoenix Arizona.  The bag on the far left.  Not enough time to talk about it, but glad it got on TV.  for the Art of Chocolate A' Fair in Gilbert.  February 3, 2018.

Featured in The Wickenburg Sun News Paper 12/27/2017 

About Leslie

 Western Canteens is owned and operated by Leslie Pavlich located in Morristown AZ.   All projects are 100% full or top grain leather. I make all leather products myself. All products are made in the USA with artisan quality. When the tag says it’s by “Leslie," it really is.

I learned leather work from my father, who made his own saddles He is now retired and taught me how to leather wrap canteens. He made me one as a gift, and I could not believe how nice it was, so nice that I sold it to a friend who begged me for it. My father told me if I wanted another, I had to come to see him and make my own. So I spent 2 weeks learning the process. I had no intentions of selling it or starting a business. It turned out so nice, I sold it too.


I had leather left over from the canteens, so I was looking for another project. As a horse trainer, I did a lot of riding in Desert of Arizona, and taking your cell phone with you was a problem. I had the idea that perhaps I could make a small purse that fits a cell phone and loop the strap through the belt loops on my blue jeans. I loved it. In fact, I hardly knew it was there. It has become a big hit and each bag I make is uniquely one of a kind.


I have a quality standard to all my work. If you cut corners, it will show. If you feel like you did more than you should, you are on the right track.

I also think the old leather machines are the best. I started out using a vintage 1929 Singer home treadle machine. I now have several Singer industrial vintage machines. They are temperamental, but the stitching is the best I have ever seen.



I make it all out of this!



This is by Vintage Singer Sewing Machine, made in 1950. I have 5 Singer Vintage Sewing Machines made from 1929 to 1950. This is my 111W 155 Singer Walking Foot Machine.  I use this Machine as a top stitch Machine. This machine was not used very much over the years, so it runs like a new machine.  It puts out a very nice straight pretty stitch every time, that is very important when sewing leather.  If your machine does not run correctly, you can ruin the leather.   









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