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Canteen 2 QT Quart Leather Handmade Western - Brown #2CA61

 Canteen 2 QT Quart Leather Handmade Western  -  Made in the USA - Exterior - 100% Leather/Brown Cow Hide - Interior - Polyethylene-Plastic lined with Metal Frame - SKU# 2CA61- Insulated Screw-On Cap... Leather Wrapped Canteen Quart

Canteen 4 QT Quart Leather Handmade - Light Tan SKU#4CA50

Leather Western Canteen Light Tan & Brown - Made in the USA Exterior - 100% Leather/Light Tan & Brown Cow Interior - Polyethylene-Plastic lined with Metal Frame Insulated Screw-On Cap with Rawhide Tether and Leather...