Arizona Winter Art Show Season Ends. Ready for adding more Online

The winter season has ended here in Arizona as far as Art Shows and Farmers Markets. I want to thank all my great customers this season. I really enjoyed meeting all of you and our wonderful conversations. I always have fun watching you pick out Conchos and the smiles you get when you find the right one that fits you. This year was the first year I moved from a 10 x 10 booth to a 10 x 20. I am so grateful for the room. I can now add more products.

I also want to thank all of my Online Customers. Every order is greatly appreciated, and it means so much to me that you chose to use my small business. My online business is a big part of what I do. A very special thanks to my Online Customers who had to wait for shipment because twice a year I drive to pick my mother and her little dog Bridget up and bring them back to Arizona for a visit. Mom lives 1000 miles away and that is a lot of driving. 

It looks like I have almost sold out of Cell Phone Bags online. It was a good year! I still do have some Cell Phone Bags in stock, just not posted yet. If you would like one, please let me know what colors you like, and I will take a look. I am currently making a batch of 20 Gray and Turquoise, that I think you will love. I will be making many more Tan & Black Turquoise Cell Phone Bags as requested. As far as Conchos, I still have plenty of Concho's Left. I will be adding more Conchos as well and more new products will be coming out soon.

I have only one 2 QT Canteen left. That's all for now. All new supplies just arrived to make more. Stay tuned for that. I am looking forward to staying home for the summer working on my website and making products. 

There is something I say all the time, "I have to make more bags."